Stéphane Renard, a geologist and enthusiast, is the founder of Renard Intaglio

Stéphane’s passion for stones and gems began in childhood with a collection. It started with one crystal, then another, and another, until his collection grew over the years. He taught himself mineralogy through books and his ever-expanding collection. Driven by a desire to understand the mechanisms behind these wonders of nature, this passion led him to study geology: Stéphane focused on Earth Sciences in high school, and later in preparatory classes to prepare for a degree in engineering at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy.

He continued with a master’s degree initiating a thesis in geology-geochemistry, focusing on the reactivity of CO2 in the rocks of the Aquitaine Basin. For 10 years, he worked as a research engineer in the field of energy and subsurface at a major French research institute.

During these years, he discovered the cutting and polishing of samples to experiment with their reactivity under conditions of great depths. His love for stones still strong, he spent his weekends exploring and prospecting for new treasures in the field with friends. Fluorites, jaspers, sapphires, as well as fossils of all ages… So many wonders to discover and start working on. His passion eventually led him to lapidary cutting, which he pursued as a self-taught artist for years. With a desire to mount his creations himself, he learned the trade of a jeweler through a vocational training program at the Ecole Boulle.

Stéphane specialized in a specific area of lapidary art, glyptic art: gemstone sculpture for jewelry (intaglios, cameos, bas-reliefs, etc.). This lesser-known field offers endless possibilities, from traditional intaglios on carnelian to cameos on mother-of-pearl, and even portrait cuts on gemstones. Combining faceted cutting and sculpture, Stéphane constantly strives to renew his art to create unique pieces.

Today, Stéphane shares his passion both at his workshop and through various organizations, including the National Institute of Gemmology in Paris, the Montreuil Jewelry Academy, and the Institute of Earth Physics in Paris. Passing on knowledge and techniques is an important aspect of this confidential art, which is experiencing a gradual resurgence.